Corporate law

Corporate law

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We provide high-quality and clear consultations on the development of corporate business model, contract compilation, making changes in the management and owner structure – both in Ukraine and abroad.

We offer the services of:

  • Legal entity establishment in Ukraine and abroad.
  • We analyze the prospects and the risks of business registration in each country upon the client’s request, undertake all current commitments as to business registration in Ukraine or abroad.
  • Preparation of statutory documents, shareholder agreements, internal provisions and policies.
  • We prepare articles of association, shareholder agreements as well as internal guidelines.
  • Auditing the client’s corporate structure, with conclusions and recommendations for possible improvement.
  • We have the experience of supporting both large transnational and small local companies. That is why we can identify “weaknesses” in business structuring, provide consultations on the risks and new opportunities, as well as suggest ways of optimization.
  • Provision of consultations on business structure establishment and corporate governance.
  • We provide expert opinion concerning the advantages of this or that business structure, support transition from one corporate governance model to another one.
  • Legal support of business sales, changes in the composition of founders, etc.
  • After each specific request is analyzed, we arrange the respective changes “turnkey”, this including document preparation, communication with all stakeholders and making changes in the state registers.
  • Business structuring in foreign jurisdictions.
  • We help arrange and optimize your business abroad, cover bureaucratic procedures and provide consultations on ad-hoc issues. Our colleagues all over the world will also be able to provide qualified assistance and ensure high-quality problem solving on site.


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