Dispute settlement

Dispute settlement

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Lawyer’s assistance in disputable situations enables to settle them quicker and more effectively. We represent our clients and protect their interests in tough negotiations with counterparties or in court bodies in a highly efficient way, in particular:

  • Assess the prospects of addressing court bodies and provide consultations in this regard.
  • We make comprehensive analysis and a clear assessment of the prospects of case settlement and risks involved.
  • Accompany pre-trial regulation between the parties.
  • We represent the client’s interests in the negotiations, contribute to conflict resolution with due account of the client’s interests.
  • Prepare statements of claim and procedural documents.
  • We prepare a full package of documents for court proceedings in all instances in civil, commercial, administrative and criminal jurisdictions.
  • Represent our clients in court bodies of all instances and in the international court of arbitration as well as in the European Court of Human Rights.
  • We personally represent the clients in Ukrainian courts and ensure effective representation in other countries.
  • Ensure charging of accounts receivable from foreign counterparties.
  • In cooperation with local lawyers, we ensure voluntary payment of accounts receivable or enforce the court decisions.


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