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Intellectual property

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Intellectual property objects are a precious asset required not only for projects to be used within them, but also to grow capitalization of your business. We help ensure correct registration of ownership of those objects and ensure their further protection, in particular:

  • Register trade marks, copyright, other intellectual property objects.
  • We have the respective experience and a lot of successful cases related to trade, design and patent registration in Ukraine. Besides that, we deal with the issues of intellectual property right restoration and expansion of the territorial limits of their validity via international registration of marks under the Madrid system.
  • Represent the clients’ interests related to intellectual property rights in their relations with state authorities, business partners, and others.
  • We minimize the client’s involvement in all the bureaucratic processes, acting on its behalf under the power of attorney.
  • Provide consultations on the registration of intellectual property rights in the USA and in Europe.
  • We provide detailed analysis of advantages and disadvantages of the registration of intellectual property rights for your business in a specific country of Europe or any of the 50 US States. We estimate the prospects of successful registration of classes of goods and services, their cost as well as preliminary timeframe for such registration. We hold additional consultations with our foreign colleagues in order to take into account all the stumbling blocks and maximize prospective registration possibilities.
  • Support sales and transfer of intellectual property rights.
  • We create the legal basis for the sales and transfer of intellectual property rights with minimized possible risks for the client.
  • Develop license agreements, packages of documents for franchising.
  • Thanks to correct legal structuring, our clients can add scale to their business and be sure of compliance with the standards and requirements set by their partners.
  • Protect intellectual property rights against unscrupulous use.
  • We represent the client’s interests at all stages of court proceedings in all instances. We prepare the legal grounds for protecting our client’s rights, make in-depth analysis of the breach of intellectual property rights in order to secure the client’s position with strong evidence base.


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