Tobacco heating systems

Tobacco heating systems

Together with our client – Mr. Vardkes Arzumanyan – we were considering for quite a period whether this case should be launched. And we decided that this is more than just the history of oncology of one specific person. That is a prospective threat to hundreds of thousands of people, covered into a stylish packaging.

With only nine lawyer’s requests coming from the partner of Dexis Partners Law Firm Oksana Dankevych we learned a lot of new things. For example, that Ukraine does not have any standards by which one could check the composition of aerosol generated through the use of tobacco heating systems, even you want to do this at your own expense. There are no institutions that may do such research and give official conclusions. But there is a lot of advertising about the alternative that is less harmful than smoking.

We prepared a complaint to the Anti-Monopoly Committee of Ukraine for deceiving and misleading consumers. And let the truth win!


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